Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 Season Preview and Start

This year I plan on running Spartan SoCal #1 Sprint, Pendleton World Famous Mud Run, Spartan N.Y. Military Sprint at West Point USMA, Spartan World Championship in Tahoe, Spartan SoCal Sprint #2 in Big Bear, and Spartan Sprint L.A.  I hope to break 1050 pts this year and get on the Masters podium again (already did it once this year)

The first race of my season was a Spartan Sprint at Lake Elsinore.  Easily the fastest, flattest course I've ever run.  It was about 4.6 miles and 20 obstacles.  My additional upperbody training really paid off.  I didn't really struggle with any of the obstacles except the new 400 lb tire flip, and I did better on that than most.  In fact I would say that is why I got third in masters.  I was in 7th or 8th prior to the tire and the spear toss.  I saw a ton of people doing burpees at those two obstacles and I nailed both, and pretty quickly.  With less than a mile left there wasn't much chance for them to catch me unless I failed an obstacle, and I managed to run the course clean.  Definitely one of my top 3 races.

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