Friday, September 23, 2016

Spartan SoCal Sprint #2 (Pala)

New venue for the SoCal Spartan.  For the first time Spartan held a race at the Pala Motor Speedway.  It was a nice course, semi-technical but flat and fast (at least the sprint was) just under 5 miles and about 20 obstacles.  I had been training really hard for this race, and I felt good.  3.5 miles into the race I was sitting in 32nd overall and 3rd in Masters, that's when the wheels came off.  I failed two obstacles in a row, the multi-rig and about 50 yards later the herc hoist (again).  This dropped me way back to about where I finished, 62nd overall and 11th in Masters.  I ran really well and felt strong, the fail on the rig was technique more than strength (granted if I was stronger I could have overcome) the herc hoist was a bit heavier than before and I wasn't recovered from my rig burpees.  I need to keep working on my lats, biceps, and grip.  Though they are greatly improved, they are still a weakness.