Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 Season Preview and Start

This year I plan on running Spartan SoCal #1 Sprint, Pendleton World Famous Mud Run, Spartan N.Y. Military Sprint at West Point USMA, Spartan World Championship in Tahoe, Spartan SoCal Sprint #2 in Big Bear, and Spartan Sprint L.A.  I hope to break 1050 pts this year and get on the Masters podium again (already did it once this year)

The first race of my season was a Spartan Sprint at Lake Elsinore.  Easily the fastest, flattest course I've ever run.  It was about 4.6 miles and 20 obstacles.  My additional upperbody training really paid off.  I didn't really struggle with any of the obstacles except the new 400 lb tire flip, and I did better on that than most.  In fact I would say that is why I got third in masters.  I was in 7th or 8th prior to the tire and the spear toss.  I saw a ton of people doing burpees at those two obstacles and I nailed both, and pretty quickly.  With less than a mile left there wasn't much chance for them to catch me unless I failed an obstacle, and I managed to run the course clean.  Definitely one of my top 3 races.

2016 Season Recap

I finished off the season with the Sunday L.A. Spartan Sprint in December.  The season shifted this year to the calendar year.  While I was a little disappointed by my finish at L.A. (mainly due to failing the spear toss) I still finished 6th in Masters and 33rd in Men.  Some highlights of the year were getting on the Master's podium in L.A. 2015 (technically this season), getting over 1000 pts in the standings, running at (although not in) the Spartan World Championships in Tahoe and finishing 16th in Master's Elite (non-championship), and winning my age group at the Pendleton Mud Run.  Here's to another season of improvement.