Monday, June 13, 2016

Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run

It was my first time doing this race, and I ran in the timed 10k on Sunday June 5th(Meadow ran the open 5k).  Aside from a minor strain/tear of my calf about 1.5 miles in I did about as well as I expected.  I finished in 56:29 (I wanted to break 55, but more on that in a bit) placed 18th overall and won my age group.  There was about 20 obstacles over 6.5+ miles and about 500 ft of elevation gain.  My goal was to break 55 minutes, but that was when I thought it was a 10k, my watch said 6.9 on completion, but it's not always correct.  There were a couple loops for the heavy carries and a steep climb loop that they say adds a 1/4 mile, so I figure somewhere between 6.5-6.9 miles.  The obstacles were all variations on climb over, climb under, heavy carries, and mud.  None were particularly challenging.  The biggest problem was I had no 5th gear after straining my calf.  Overall I did what I set out to do, run a race during a long break between Spartan races and win my age group.

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