Monday, May 7, 2012

First Week Fail

My work deadlines caught up with me so unfortunately my training for the Tough Mudder started not with a bang, but a whimper.  I only ran twice, an 8 miler right around my house on Tuesday, and six miles of hell, running "The Way Up Trail" and "Equine Incline" trail at Elfin Forest on Sunday.

This week has already started better.  I ran a 5K with 10 burpees for a warm-up and another 10 half way through.  I followed this up with my standard workout, which is just the Tough Mudder workout, or at least as much as I can do right now.  I try to do each set in 60 sec, if I hit 20 reps I move on to the next set with a 15 sec rest.  It is not unusual to go over the 60 sec if I feel I have more in me.  As much as I try, it is not unusual to go over the 15 sec.  For a description of each exercise here is a PDF

Exercise 1 - TM PUSH-UP
I did 10 reps with 15 lb dumbbells, one full cycle (both arms) is one rep.

I did 20 reps with each arm 15 lb dumbbells

Exercise 3 - SCISSOR KICK
I did 15 reps, again one full cycle (both legs) is one rep

Exercise 4 - BACK ROW
20 reps

12 reps, one full cycle is one rep

Exercise 6 - PUSH UP plus ROW
started crashing only did 6 reps, one full cycle in one rep

Exercise 7 - LUNGE & TWIST
12 reps, one full cycle in one rep

20 reps

Exercise 9 - DECLINE PUSH UP
20 pretty sloppy reps

Exercise 10 - Quick Feet
I don't really count reps on this one, I just go as hard as I can for 60 sec.

Exercise 11 - Tough Chin Up
Only 6 reps, which is sad.  I did 4 more at the end to make up for it.

Exercise 12 - Superman Plank
Exercise 13 - Drunk Superman Side Planks
60 sec a piece

Exercise 14 - Angelina Jolie
8 reps

Exercise 15 - THE TOUGH SQUAT
20 reps with a 35 lb dumbbell


  1. You did more work than me. I worked out once with Maddie and her friend. Headed home now to do some presses and 800m intervals. About 8 weeks... plenty of time if we get serious!

    1. Already did my 300m intervals this morning, and will be doing my workout circuit in a little while. DUDE I tried Toes-To-Bar, that is rough. I had to settle for Knees-To-Elbows. I did a set if fifteen though, and decided I definitely have not worked my lower abs enough.