Monday, February 22, 2016

Spartan Sprint SoCal #1

So my second Spartan race of the season did not go as well as the first.  It was a fast, but wet/rainy course 5+ miles with 23 obstacles.  I felt and ran reasonably well, but failed 2 obstacles, the monkey bars and the Cliff Multi-bar.  Because it was wet I over thought the monkey bars instead of attacking them the way I should, spent too much time on them and slipped.  I probably would have failed the multi-bar either way, but the rain didn't help.  The biggest problem was that I got sick on a GU pack around mile 3.  I had hoped to place top 10 in the Masters division of this very competitive field, and ended up 23rd.  My minimum goal was to get 180 pts and I think I got 177.  So over all pretty disappointed, but already training hard and feeling much better about the upcoming Vegas Super.

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