Sunday, March 10, 2013

EMG - 3/10/13

WOW! super tough workout, how does that work.  Do you submit that video to qualify for a competition?

Meadow and I ran the 5k race at the San Diego Half Marathon.

Meadow ran a PR of 27:50, she was 15th in her division and 235 out of over 1000 people!

I ran a lifetime PR of 17:22 for 6th overall

I thought this would be a really fast course so we both trained really hard in an effort to get PR's, but judging from the times of the guys that beat me it wasn't that fast.  According to their times were pretty consistent with their average times.  So all in all I think we did well, and I am really proud of her.

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  1. Wow. Great race for both of you! Fantastic times.

    The workout is part of the CrossFit Open. I was certainly not happy with my performance but Snatch is definitely a weakness for me. I have been working on it but just now where I need to be. I was out completely a week prior due to back injury but I'm hoping I can hammer the remaining 4 workouts. I'll actually do the final workout while you guys are here.