Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Year in Review 2015

My racing season runs parallel to the Spartan Points Series.  So, more or less October-September of the following year.

I had several goals this year 1. Score more than 200 pts in a Spartan Elite race 2.  Get my Spartan Elite Trifecta 3. Make the Spartan 300 (top 150 men in the elite points standings) 4. Place top 3 in the Masters Division of a Spartan Elite race 5. Run sub 17 min 5K 6.  Run sub 5 min mile

I would say it was a mixed bag, but overall a let down.
I sprained my ankle 2 weeks before the my first Spartan Race of the season (2014 Malibu) so I started in a hole for the season standings.  I bounced back at the SoCal Beast and Sprint in January, but still failed to get 200+ points.  I reached my first goal of 2016 when I ran 16:56 at the San Diego Half-Marathon 5K, but a week later failed in my pursuit of a sub 5 mile (5:11 Encinitas Mile) .  In April I achieved my second goal and got 203 points at he Las Vegas Super Spartan.  That's when the wheels fell off, I slacked on my training and got sick at the wrong time.  In the end I had a terrible race at the SoCal Sprint #2 and fell about 80 points shy of the Spartan 300.

Here's to a better 2016 season.

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