Thursday, November 22, 2012

O'side Turkey Trot

Meadow took one for the team today and stayed home to cook.  This allowed me to break away for a couple hours and run the O'side Turkey Trot 5K.  Last year I ran a 20:23, this year my minimum goal was to beat that time, my real goal was to break 19 for a post HS PR.  I ran 18:37, my first mile was very fast 5:35ish my 2nd was  6:10ish, and my 3rd was also 6:10ish.  Which was more or less my strategy.  I read an older article recently about a study that refuted the "go-out-easy" or negative split philosophy on running 5K's.  The study showed that runners that go out fast in the first mile, dial back in the second, and finish strong get the better times.  So I tried it, and it seems to have worked.  I still think I went out too fast, and didn't finish fast enough, but all in all I am very happy with my time.

Here is the article if you are interested
and another
I think I combined these two in my mind


  1. Awesome! Keep it up! Good luck in the Spartan Race.

    1. Thanks, I will need it. Dad may go up with me.