Thursday, December 27, 2012

EMG - 12/27/12

Bumble Bee/ Holiday Bowl 5k today-

Erik- 18:11 (5:23, 6:00, 6:13)  div:4th overall:25th
Meadow- 30:12  (no splits)  div:29th overall:601st

PR, so I can't complain.  Next stop sub 18 then lifetime PR 17:24


  1. WOW: great for both of you! Are you a little surprised that sub 18 is within reach?

    1. Thanks, I think Meadow had a mental break through because she hasn't run 3 miles even for training in awhile. She pushed through the fatigue and finished strong. I think that surprise hit me at the Turkey Trot, but overall yes. I feel there is still a lot in my legs too. My cardio gets me more than my strength right now.