Monday, December 3, 2012

Malibu Spartan Sprint 2012 Review

Wicked muddy!!!  Made it hard to run, even beyond the fatigue,  I slipped and got stuck enough it was hard to maintain a rhythm.  Never less than 4-5 inches of mud, sometimes as much as knee deep.  I had a really good time, but from my limited experience so far, I felt it wasn't run as well as TM, and cost wise everything was extra (parking, bag-check, very little swag).

Obstacles: 1. Water hazards (pretty much what you would expect), 2.Cargo Net (up one side down the other maybe 20 ft high, slight incline)  3. Monkey Bars (this will be no problem for you, easier than TM, except uneven spacing and bar diameter, only maybe 15 ft)  4.Walls (over, under, through, 7 ft I think.  You go through once and then turn and go through in reverse.  5. 20 Box Jumps (I am not sure how high, but over 24 in, maybe 36)  6. Sand Bag carry ( pretty tough, the bag is heavy, and cumbersome {especially when soaked} we carried through a slot in a wall, then down a ravine, and back up and through the wall again. 7. Hard on the core).  8. Horizontal wall climb (pretty tough, but they let us cheat, because it was pretty much impossible with how wet and muddy it was.  They have a practice wall, I would recommend it) 9.  Spear throw (practice before hand, there is a guy on youtube that shows how to make one, this cost me 30 burpees and about 4 min.  Pick a hay bale with few spears already in it, mine got blocked by other spears)  10. Lake swim (maybe 20-25 yards) 11. Rope wall ( incline up one side, cargo net down the other 8-10 ft.  Don't grab the top of the wall, climb your hands all the way up, and kick a leg over.  A lot of people slipped reaching for the wall)  12. Stone Pull ("stone" on a rope, through a pulley.  You pull it up to the top.  Heavy enough that my body weight was more of a problem than my strength, once I got my butt on the ground it was pretty easy)  13.  Bunny Hop ( you put a band around your ankles and hop up a hill)  14.  Army Crawl (up a a gravelly, muddy hill under barbed wire for like 40 yards.  This sucked, more because of the bottle neck, you couldn't go fast because of all the people from the previous heats.  It feels like my legs went through a meat grinder).  15.  Bear Crawl ( it was mostly up hill, so it was pretty easy)  16.  Gladiator Pit ( They just released a smoke bomb when I got there, so I hardly got touched.  I don't think they really saw me even though I went right down the middle).

I think that was everything.  My time was 1:02:6, which was a little disappointing.  I lost a lot of time at the box jumps and the spear toss.  The biggest obstacle though was the bottle neck from the previous heats.  There were a few times I couldn't even run because there were so many people on a narrow trail.  This really slowed down the Army crawl.  Definitely pay the extra for the competitive heat or the first open heat.  There were people who finished in almost 4 hours.  Definitely more intense than TM, you rarely run more than a 1/4 mile without an obstacle.  All in all I was still top 4% overall and 7% in my age group.  Although I don't think that counts the competitive heat.

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