Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 MCRD Boot Camp Challenge

EDIT:  So official times are
Erik: 24:14,  6 in the elite div,  28 overall  [the same guy won it this year and last year, this year he ran 3:11 slower.  I ran 2:43 slower, so I will call it a 28 sec improvement ;)]

Meadow: 35:55,  35 in women 35-39, 663 overall [a little less than 1300 people finished this year, so middle of the pack, considering she ran very little in the last 3 weeks because of the stingray this is awesome. She was shooting for 35 without the tougher course]

Unofficially I ran 24:16 and placed 6th in the elite male  division and 24th overall.  My goal was to run faster than last year.  Unfortunately this is impossible to say, as the course had about 50% more obstacles and was about 1/4 mile longer compared to last year.  However, last year I placed 16th in elite male and 63rd overall.

Meadow ran somewhere around 41:00, she did great!  I will post the official results when they do.