Sunday, September 2, 2012

EMG - 9/1/12

I attempted 5 x 5 weighted pull-ups and only managed 5(10), 5(8), 4(6), 4(0), 3(0)

3 rounds for time 10 dumbbell deadlift to shoulder press (I am sure these have a name, but I don't know what it is), 10 burpees  4:15

8 knees to elbows


  1. The deadlift to press sounds like power clean to press or power clean to thruster movement. Very nice!

    1. I do them with 15 lb dumbbells. Hobie Call does them in his video.

    2. I found a video of the power clean to press/thruster. It is very close to what I was doing. I will do it like that from now on. I was not doing the second squat motion to get my weight under the bells. I was just squatting and then "exploding" to the standing position and bringing the bells up to my shoulders in one motion, then pressing.